About Premier Building Associates

Roofing Contractors in New England and New Haven, Connecticut

We offer roofing solutions from snow removal to repairs, replacement, and new construction applications. We are involved in commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental and both single and multiunit residential. We have the staff and material resources to do any job right the first time. We offer prompt professional estimating and roof inspections services free of charge.



On behalf of Premier Building Associates, I am taking this opportunity to introduce you to our company and the Roofing services that we offer. Since starting in 2015, we have been continuously expanding and growing within the construction industry. We continuously strive to deliver the same uncompromising quality that has helped cement our reputation as one of the leading Roofing and Structural Restoration companies in the surrounding states. PBA installs several different roofing waterproofing lines at a competitive rates.

Premier Building Associates is focused on employing top talent in the industry to guarantee the quality our customers have learned to expect. We invest in developing our employee's vast skill sets with continuous education and specialization within each trade. Our workforce consists of over 50 skilled tradesmen with a multitude of diverse areas of expertise to ensure every project's needs are met.

Premier Building Associates is very familiar with the pre-construction process, including system designs, and value engineering to meet specific budgets. We specialize in building envelope construction and waterproofing projects.

Our company boasts a strong portfolio that includes top of the line manufacturers across America, such as Duro-Last, FiberTite, GAF, Siplast, Firestone, and Sarnafil - just to name a few. Additionally, due to our multi-state presence; Premier is able to deliver high quality results in a timely manner. It would be a great honor for your company to be added to our outstanding list of clients and we would be more than happy to assist you with any of your roofing and restoration needs.

Our company is currently licensed and insured to perform work in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Our goal overtime is to expand our geographic capabilities, while ensuring competitive pricing, outstanding service, and incomparable results.

I appreciate this opportunity to introduce my company and Roofing services to you and express my eagerness to bid on any future projects.




    Premier Building Associates administrator receives the Service Call from Clients. During this initial call, our administrator will request the building address, current issue, and any other helpful information.

    Premier Building Associates Administrator adds the open request to our service board. Administrator will also assign and communicate the issue to a repair technician.


    A technician will arrive at the building and assess the issue. Upon a conclusion, the technician will perform the necessary repairs. Through the assessment and repair process, the technician will document steps taken through both a report and photos.


    The technician will send Vice President, Jackie Secondino the completed repair report along with photos. This report will then be distributed to the repair client. (Sample Attached)


    The technician will send our office staff the completed repair report. This report will be used to create a billing invoice. Upon completion, our invoice will be distributed to the repair client.

    • 24-Hour Emergency Response
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Roof Evaluations
    • Corrective Action Recommendations