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PVC Around the world, and going back decades, billions of square feet of thermoplastic PVC roofing are installed on commercial buildings in diverse climates. It is a durable roofing material that has proven performance to withstand thermal cycles, wind loads, structural movement, and temperature extremes.

PVC roofing membranes are constructed of a flexible, tear- and water-resistant polymer reinforced with fiberglass non-woven mats or polyester woven scrims. These roofing components ensure PVC's dimensional stability, durability, and capacity to respond to a building's normal expansion and contraction and resiliency challenges.


HEAT-WELDED SEAMS - The heat-welded seams of thermoplastic PVC form a permanent, watertight bond that is stronger than the roofing membrane itself. This is a major advantage over commercial roofing systems that rely on adhesives, tapes and caulks to seal the seams.

DOES NOT SUPPORT COMBUSTION - The PVC polymer's composition gives this roofing material an inherent fire resistance not found in alternative materials without additives. PVC roofing membranes are difficult to ignite, burn very slowly and do not support combustion, tending to self extinguish when the flame source is removed. PVC roofs have passed both FM and UL fire testing, achieving unlimited slope approvals.https://vinylroofs.org/durability/pvc-fire-performance/

WATERTIGHT MEMBRANE - PVC roofing membranes have been used successfully in waterproofing applications for more than 30 years. They are manufactured to remain watertight in extreme conditions, including constant dampness, ponding water, high and low alkaline conditions and exposure to plant roots, fungi and bacteria.

MEETS OR EXCEEDS WIND UPLIFT REQUIREMENTS - Properly designed PVC roofing systems provide durability and can meet or exceed the wind uplift requirements needed to obtain FM approvals. Many membranes have survived the onslaught of hurricanes https://vinylroofs.org/case-study/national-hurricane-center/, and can be designed specifically for storm-prone climates.

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